Makini Howell from Settle's Plum Bistro stopped by our kitchen and showed us how she prepares this salad by grabbing things from the pantry and refrigerator. We learned a lot.

Jun 24th, 2013

Check this recipe out! It's fantastic.

Jan 24th, 2012

You’ve got to love homemade dressing! For a really smooth and thick dressing, use a stick/hand blender.

Apr 27th, 2009

This salad is a nutritional powerhouse, perfect for weekday lunches, light dinners or your next potluck or BBQ.

Nov 9th, 2009

This is a super delicious salad! It's a perfect start to a sushi dinner, or a nice and refreshing dish on a hot summer day.

Mar 26th, 2009

This sauce is awesome, and so much better than what you can buy in the stores. It’s great to keep on hand in the fridge, and use for sautéing tofu, veggies, as a dipping sauce or to top cooked rice or grains.

Mar 26th, 2009

The vibrant flavors in this salad remind me of my grandmother’s cooking. Her food was always rich with the wonderful flavors of her native France.

Mar 21st, 2009

Caesar salad dressing that I keep in my refrigerator 24/7. Use it to dress greens and veggies throughout the week. My son drinks this right out of the bottle. This dressing is full of the vibrant flavor of lemons, mustard and garlic.

Mar 4th, 2009

Delicious salad using a unique, dehydrated and shelf stable product called Soy Curls.

Sep 29th, 2007

This salad has a lot of things going on and is super delicious and fast and easy to prepare. The recipe belongs to the Cancer Project and their Survivors Handbook. They are a great source for information.

Feb 28th, 2008