Here’s a great recipe for a sliceable roast for sandwiches or just to serve with mashed potatoes and gravy. We make a roast about once a week, so it’s ready to go for sandwiches or quick dinners. You can even dice up the roast and throw it in a stir-fry.

Mar 26th, 2009

These smoky links are outrageous grilled and served on a bun (with all the fixins!). Try shaping them into little mini smoky links for a fun appetizer.

Apr 14th, 2009

Out of this world chorizo sausages that you can use in jambalaya's, scrambles, grilled, pan fried or just dipped in your favorite mustard. Any way you use em ya can't lose.

Mar 5th, 2009

This sausage recipe has become a "Must have" in our fridge at all times! Try it and you'll see what we're talking about. We want to hear about your own concoction and creations!

Jan 8th, 2007

Chef Brian McCarthy presents No Knead to knead corned beef! Incredibly easy to assemble and the result is out of this world. You gotta try this at home.

Aug 10th, 2007

Today we present Susan's BBQ'ed Rib''z without the meat. Tasty honest to goodness deliciousness! We make this all the time.

Dec 6th, 2007

This recipe is an offshoot of the "Spicy Italian Sausage" recipe from Everyday Dish. We just can't seem to get enough of them! Naturally this has quickly become a favorite in our household. We love it topped with vegan Parmesan (homemade or store-bought) or vegan mozzarella, right before placing it under the broiler.

Feb 11th, 2008

Chef Brian P. McCarthy shows us how to prepare a vegan turkey loaf!

Nov 21st, 2008