About Us

Now, how about a little information about us? The Everyday Dish website was started by Julie and Jay Hasson (that’s us!). We realized  that there weren’t really any vegan cooking shows (at least not on TV), or places that you could go to find fun, easy-to-prepare plant based recipes (aka vegan cooking). We felt that there was a definite need. So many times we’ve heard people say “my son/daughter came home from school today and announced that they will no longer eat meat. What do I feed my kids besides peanut butter?” Or, “my doctor says that I need to drastically change my diet to reduce my cholesterol”, or “I’ve just been diagnosed with dairy/egg/meat/fish allergies and I don’t know where to start”. There are many different reasons why people search out plant-based recipes.

Our story probably reads like many others. Our son declared himself a vegetarian at the tender age of 5, and asked if we would join him. How could we possibly say no to that sweet little request? So that was the beginning  of our personal journey (and hey, life is a constantly evolving journey, right?!). During this time we were also very inspired by some close friends, who were vegan. I loved the challenge of creating completely plant-based recipes when they came for dinner.

Even way back then, I (Julie) noticed that there was a complete lack of vegetarian cooking shows. A place where you could go for inspiration, to watch someone prepare meatless recipes with easy, step-by-step instruction. This is what I wanted, to have chefs and cookbook authors walk me through their recipes. I wanted to know what brands they were using, what equipment they preferred, how thin they cut their zucchini. I wanted the details that don’t fit into cookbooks or magazine articles. Those often missed details hold a wealth of information.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself wanting to completely change my diet to a vegan one. The hardest part was that I was busy writing cookbooks and recipes for magazines, all of which called for dairy and eggs. How could I change my diet when I still had to taste test recipes? It took me several years to get to the place where I felt that I could follow a vegan diet, both personally and professionally, but I did get there, and I haven’t looked back!

As we continue to evolve, so will the recipes and our website. We have all sorts of plans and ideas in the works. One thing we’ve done is become a lot more in tune with the need for delicious, gluten-free vegan recipes, so this is something that we hope to explore further. We also hope to add more seasonal recipes and keep introducing you to all sorts of specialty ingredients and cool kitchen tools that will help make the job easier. We will also continue to invite guest chefs, cookbook authors and farmer’s market artisans into our kitchen, so that they can share their awesome recipes with us too.

Happy cooking!

XO Julie & Jay Hasson