Better Than Coffee

December 11th, 2008

A couple months ago, I was walking around New Season's Market in Portland, Oregon, looking for a caffinated beverage to wake me up, and came across a cool new product. It's called Phix, and comes in these cool looking sticks/tubes which you simply mix with water. Unlike other energy drinks, the pick-me-up comes from Yerba Mate and Green Tea extract, which gives you a very gentle and sustained energy boost, without spikes or crashes. It comes in several flavors and tastes great! I love that I can conveniently keep a stash of sticks in my bag or car, when the mood strikes.

Phix also includes healthy ingredients for immune system support, like vitamin C, zinc and copper and chromium for blood sugar balance, as well as a slew of other vitamins and minerals (including B12). The best part, unlike energy drinks, Phix only has 26 calories per stick/tube and 6 grams of sugar. Oh, I should also mention that there are no animal derived ingredients in Phix either. They use organic evaporated cane juice and stevia for sweetening, and fruit and vegetable juices for color.

Now this is a cool product!