A Better Non-stick Skillet

March 19th, 2009

A while back, Bryanna Clark Grogan told me about a great new skillet she bought. It was one that she had used at a demo, and said that the pan was fantastic, and didn't need extra oil. With a recomendation like that, I had to check it out.

What I discovered is that the Swiss Diamond pans don't contain PFOA. The company says that the non-stick interior is made from a nano-composite containing real Diamond Crystals (in powdered form). PFOA is the chemical that everyone seems to be concerned with in the non-stick pans.

So I took one of the Swiss Diamond Skillets for a test drive. The pan cooked really well, didn't need any oil and actually browned the food. I was really impressed. I have now used the pan dozens of times, and not only does it continue to cook really well, but the coating doesn't feel like it's loosing it's not-stick qualities, something that I have found happens with all of my previous non-stick pans.

Although most of the pans that I use are either cast iron or stainless steel, there are those moments when only a non-stick pan will do. So the next time that I need to saute my tofu without extra oil, I'll happily reach for my trusty new skillet.