Gluten Free Bars

February 1st, 2010

I have been wanting to really dealve into gluten-free baking for a long while now. Of course, life always gets in the way, and before you know it a year has past.

But I decided last week that enough was enough. It was time to start experimenting with the GF baked goods. Plus I've noticed that we have customers asking us at the cart for GF treats. So I got to work and you know what? I had some great success. The first thing I did was take a recipe from our site for the GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. The are delish, but I wanted to play around with a homemade flour blend that didn't have bean flour in it. I love the chickpea flour, but it does have a somewhat of a strong flavor in baked goods. So I messed around with a rice flour blend, and the bars were amaing! So good in fact, that we're now serving them at the cart. I am addicted, because the rice flour leaves them really chewy, along with their ooey-gooeyness.

I'm gooing to experiment a little further with the flour blend, and then will share the recipe. Maybe I'll even try and film it too.

Anyone else experimenting with gluten-free baking? I'd love to hear.