Monumental Macaroons

June 14th, 2009

For years I have had people beg me for this macaroon recipe. They became the signature "must have cookie" at our bakery and catering company. I always made absolutely sure that these babies were a part of cookie trays, gift baskets and personal meetings, especially when I needed to put a smile on someone’s face.

So once I became vegan, I knew that I had to veganize my macaroon recipe. For a while I was afraid to touch it, afraid that without the egg whites the cookies just wouldn’t have that same soft centered chewy texture and crispy toasty shell. But at the same time I knew that I just couldn’t let that spectacular cookie recipe wither away. So, after some initial experimenting that just wasn’t cutting the mustard (so to speak), I awoke early one morning having had one of my recipe dreams. I don’t remember the exact details of the dream itself. What I do remember is waking up knowing exactly what I needed to do to replace those pesky egg whites. It was a success with the first batch (gotta love those recipe dreams!). I finally succeeded in perfecting my favorite macaroon recipe and I must say that they are better than the originals!

If you love coconut and chocolate, then you're going to love these babies! The recipe goes together quickly, with only a bowl and a spoon. Oh, did I mention that they're amazing dipped in chocolate too?

Of course I just had to share the recipe, which you can find in our Member's Area. If you're not a member yet, we're running a special of $35.00 for a 1 year membership (that's less than one pair of jeans).

Now run to your kitchen as quickly as you can, and make these cookies!