Chocolate-Pecan Crust

chaya3 Chaya Ryvka is a Certified Raw Living Foods Chef, Educator, Lifestyle consultant, Juice Feast Consultant & “Conscious Creative”. She trained, mentored and assisted with Elaina love (master raw food chef, instructor and a pioneer of the raw gourmet movement) for over two years. Visit her website Living Vision.

Chocolate-Pecan Crust

1  Cups Pecans
2 oz. Cacao Powder (weight)
1/3 Cup Cacao Nibs
4 oz. Medjool Dates
1/8 tsp. Sea Salt
1 tsp. Liquid Vanilla

1. Place all ingredients except the vanilla in your food processor fitted with the “S” blade attachment.
2. Process ingredients until the crust starts to rise on the sides of the processor bowl. Stop the machine and mix with a spatula or spoon. 
3. Repeat a few times until nuts are well broken down. (Pecans are a very oily nut, so be sure not to let them go too long as they will more easily turn into a “butter”)
4. Add the vanilla and continue processing until mixture is consistent. The final result of the crust should be a mixture that can hold together with a gentle pressure and can be broken apart with a clean break. 
5. Assemble the cheesecake pan with the bottom upside-down (with lip facing down).  This makes it much easier to serve. 
6. Lightly grease entire inside of pan with some coconut oil.
7. Distribute crust evenly on the bottom of pan and lightly compact by hand. 
8. Set aside until ready to be filled. 
(If the nuts are too chunky, first try sharpening the “S” blade of your processor.  You can also lightly process the nuts and salt by themselves first before adding other ingredients.  Adding all the date paste at once may not allow the nuts to break down properly, so you can try adding half at a time. When pressing crust into pan, be careful not to use too much pressure as this will result in crust sticking to pan and making the serving process challenging.  On the other hand, if you are not pressing it enough the crust will be crumbly and messy. If crust is not sticking together and breaking apart with a clean break, you need to add a small splash (1-2 teaspoons) of liquid vanilla and process a bit longer.)

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