Raw Vanilla Extract

chaya3    Chaya Ryvka is a Certified Raw Living Foods Chef, Educator, Lifestyle consultant, Juice Feast Consultant & “Conscious Creative”. She trained, mentored and assisted with Elaina love (master raw food chef, instructor and a pioneer of the raw gourmet movement) for over two years. Visit her website Living Vision.

Liquid Vanilla - Vanilla Extract

"Liquid Vanilla"is a raw expression of 'Vanilla Extract" only completely pure, and as raw as vanilla can be. Using whole, organic raw vanilla beans and purified or spring water we create a vanilla concentrate that is like no other, infusing all of our recipes with the potent and aromatic flavor of the heavenly vanilla bean.

8 Whole Vanilla Beans
2 Cup Purified or Spring Water

1. Using a sharp knife, chop all of the vanilla beans into _ inch size pieces.
2. Place chopped beans and water into your high speed blender, and blend on high until no chunks remain.
3. Store in a glass container and keep in your refrigerator for up to 3 months. This may also be stored in your freezer and thawed before needed for less frequent use



Desserts, Raw